Sunday, August 2, 2009

Really, really late to the party

So apparently wasting an entire day reading mommybloggers and eating my weight in chocolate raisins inspires me to write. Not that I have anything to write about at the moment, so...

Hi Internet! I'm Dinsdale. (Well, clearly that's not my real name, or believe me, I would have WAY MORE to write about). Despite my prediliction for blogs about squishy baby cheeks and Choosing the Right Preschool and Let's One-Up Each Other with Gory Birth Stories, I do not have any children. Nor do I plan on having any anytime soon, but since I just wrote that on The Internet, no doubt I'll get knocked up next week.

I'm 20 years old, a student, and although you'd think by now I'd have some sort of idea what I want to be when I grow up, in reality I'm really glad I have another year of college left. Because seriously, at this point, with this economy, "Selling Useless Crap to Obnoxious People" is looking like a solid career choice.

And since no one will actually read my ramblings, let's finish this post with something that will thoroughly embarrass me in 50 years when my grandchildren download the entire history of the internet into their brains, or something along those lines. Unless the Aztecs were right, and Christmas 2012 is going to suck, in which case, what the hell do I care?

(Noticed my overuse of commas yet? Yeah, the RANDOM CAPSLOCK and Capitalising Important Words are pretty much stolen straight from Dooce, TWOP, and various other internet deities, but the commas, they're all mine.)

Where was I? Oh, right, embarrassing. Uh... is the entirety of this post not enough? No? Ok, um, let's see...

Well, I once got so drunk on tequila I passed out on a toilet. A men's toilet. In my dorm. And didn't wake up until I was found by some friends, who banged on the door and yelled until I moved.

Yeah, that'll do.

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