Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah!

We're not really doing Christmas this year.  Like birthdays, parties, graduations, or pretty much ANYTHING THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN, I kind of hate Christmas.  I don't do well in situations where IT IS EXPECTED you will enjoy yourself, and then I feel guilty for not having fun, and then I feel guilty for feeling guilty, and are you understanding the level of crazy yet?

Anyway, no one can be bothered getting a Christmas tree, and until today, we had an old Santa hat on the door instead of a wreath. (I'm not sure what that was supposed to convey. We killed Santa and kept his hat as a trophy? We think clothing items are wall hangings? We're secretly Vs who still don't understand this "Christmas" concept, but are trying to play along anyway?)

One tradition I haven't given up, though, is the gingerbread house.  Although that's mainly because I was giving one away this year.  The other one - the one that I should have been spending hours on this month - as yet is sadly sans decoration.

But! One small, basic gingerbread house went to the Sisters of St Joseph today, so at least I feel mildly accomplished.

This is it almost done - the damn window panes kept falling off, so when I fixed them, I also added some more decoration.  But was then too lazy to document it.

I cannot tell you how infuriating it was to buy two boxes of ribbon candy and still not find two pieces that match.  Seriously, that fence burns itself into my retinas every time I look at these pictures.  DOES NOT MATCH.  IS NOT SYMMETRICAL.  HAS RUINED WHOLE CONCEPT. *eyelid twitch*

Part of the redecoration included adding more Pez candy to outline the walls.  And let me tell you, when you find yourself FILING DOWN PEZ CANDY at ELEVEN PM (as in, BASICALLY MIDNIGHT) (WHICH IS PRACTICALLY DAWN) (SERIOUSLY, I HAVE TO GET UP EARLY TO GO TO WORK) to make it fit the peak of the roof - WHEN NO ONE WILL EVEN NOTICE ANYWAY - you have a problem.*

*Problem may also include excessive use of capslock key. If problem persists, consult your physician. (WHO WILL PROBABLY SEND YOU TO A SHRINK FOR ANGER ISSUES). (Which is unnecessary, because the capslock does not indicate anger.) (The excessive parentheses may be worth examining, though.)

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